Chris Bendet has been a car enthusiast ever since the day his parents brought him home from the hospital in a Porsche 911 on a cold day in October 1974.

His father, who was in the car business for 44 years, inspired him in all things motor vehicle. As a child they'd attend car shows, races and watch car inspired movies every chance they had together. His entire life he's loved cars and anything with a motor and despite not immediately jumping into the automotive world, he's now putting every ounce of energy, talent and creativity into something completely new and unique.

Early in his career, Chris spent several years as a photojournalist, assisting car photographers, as a 
corporate photographer and a portrait studio owner for 13 years. During the studio years he incorporated cars, trucks and motorcycles into photos anytime the opportunity arose.

It wasn't until 2015 that the idea for "That's My Wheels" came about. His father was selling a 1970 Pontiac GTO at Mecum auto auctions in Kansas City and he had an idea to take the images of the vehicle, design a beautiful design with the images and all the cars' information and place it next to the vehicle at the auction for the ease of those interested in bidding on the car. The GTO sold for all of the money a 1970 GTO could possibly sell for and the idea for "That's My Wheels" was born, beautifully designed automotive displays for enthusiasts to showcase in their garages, man-caves, offices, car shows and at auto auctions.



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